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Barrel cover note in relation to maintenance issues

On bung for maintenance in the process, we need to pay attention to the following matters:

First, be careful not to place the bung in the Sun was shining, or a bung placed directly near heat sources, particularly not to bung where exposure to the fumes, otherwise may cause deformation and discoloration of the barrel cover.

Second, note or some hard objects should not be placed on top of the barrel cover at noon, such as flower pots, basins, buckets, radiator CAP, and so on, otherwise the words drum cover surface scratches or even lead to cracking of the bung.

Third, never use scouring powder such as strong acid or strong carbon clean the lid, also prohibited the use of volatile chemicals such as cleaning agents, thinners drum cover, otherwise can result in lid and corrode the surface.

IV, do not use a wire brush or blades and other sharp devices to bung cleaner, or easy to bung causing scratches.

V, after the lid is open when in use, shall not be hard back, otherwise easily lead to bung the fracture. Using the light should turn off the light when you open, avoid collide with water tank and leave scars.