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Makou drum lid, galvanized bucket cover details

Introduce on tinplate in detail below:

Tinned iron-tin alloy, tin plating.

Mainly used in steel boxes, cans of food packaging production because tinplate steel strength and formability and corrosion resistance of Tin, Tin solder, and beautiful appearance combined with a material, is corrosion resistant, non-toxic, high strength, good ductility characteristics.

Tinplate is classified by thickness and coating weight, generally speaking, industrial production now in order to save costs, will ensure that packaging and reliable power at the same time, reduce the thickness and coating weight of iron.

A seldom used Tin, even without a Tin (chrome-iron), from the 50 's of hot-dip tin plating of development to the present tinplate, now we have seen on the hot-dipped tinplate cans are not used.

Second, thinning of substrate thickness tinplate. This is the wish of people all know, 0.15m/m tinplate has been used to cover in our country at present. Cold rolled sheet company has announced production 0.12m/m cold-rolled sheet is used to cover the industry. Therefore, the substrate thinning, increase the hardness of secondary cold-rolled tinplate was canning (cover) industry development direction.

Simple words galvanized iron plate called. galvanized surface looks just like Crystal pattern. Galvanized bucket cover uses this method of coating.