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Metal packaging of an exhibition on the aluminum can production equipments

Famous aluminum can production equipment manufacturer Hinterkopf, Mall+Herlan, Frattini and Technopack, the company participated in the international exhibition of metal packaging. From a creative point of view, there are four points should be noted.

9 internal coating machine gun: aluminum cans in the spray gun immediately after spraying into the inner oven drying, shorten the transport distance, saving space and improving quality. The machine production speed: 250 cans/min.

Washing machine after aluminum cans: aluminum cans in the neck later, curling and rinse away all grease and dirt, and then go into a special oven drying and prevents drops of water left on the neck, curling and the formation water stains. While ensuring the printing color unchanged.

Easy wheel aluminium can strapping machine, simple and lightweight, easy to adjust, easy operation, low investment.

Special-shaped cans 

Metal forming machine frattini and profiled aluminium cans were developed Technopack forming machine, the machine production speed: 150 cans/min, can be installed in existing aluminium cans production line.