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Intelligence Is The Direction Of Development Of Plastic Machinery

China packaging machinery industry was formed in the late 70 and early 80, 90 entered a period of rapid development, has now entered a period of adjustment of product structure and improve the innovative capacity as a whole. Heavy bag packing machine development in China with bags of cement and other bulk packaging improvements and ongoing development. With cement packaging going, along with drums, wooden and straw bags, sacks, and after multiple seams of paper bags, to today with new materials, new bag type bags of cement, come a long way.

At present, the world's most advanced packaging machinery development has taken on a machine, electricity, gas, liquid, light, magnetism, as one of the momentum, production of high efficiency, energy saving and recycling of products, hi-tech practicality, intelligence has become a trend, which should be the mainstream trend of packaging machinery industry in China. In terms of product structure adjustment, to expedite the change mainly to low-tech conditions, learn advanced foreign technology, development and production of high efficiency and low consumption, production and marketing the right way of large complete sets of equipment and high-tech products, according to its national circumstances to develop proper packaging equipment, accelerate the upgrading of packaging machinery to further develop domestic and international markets. This article highlights the heavy bags and bagging equipment status and development direction.

Plastic bags and plastic machinery present situation and development direction of the late 70 and introduced plastic woven bag in China, followed by the introduction of weaving equipment. Plastic packaging for its rugged durability and low cost, the advantages of simple manufacture technology applied in many fields, particularly for large-capacity transport packaging. Plastic bags for packing cement is from 1982. Hundreds of plastic production lines imported from different countries, including more complete, higher levels of equipment also have ten or twenty. Since the mid-80 's, China's Zhejiang, Jiangsu and homemade equipment has successfully developed and put on the market in large quantities, for the plastic packaging industry in China made great contribution to the development.

90 plastic packaging has been developing rapidly, until 1995 for cement packaging plastic bags has amounted to 5.6 billion, accounting for two-thirds of the total cement packaging. GB9774-1996 standard implementation of the cement bags, plastic bags and plastic woven bag equipment for making enterprise started in the manufacturing sector hit a shot in the arm, various grades of plastic plants and plastic factories sprang. But from the plastic industry structure of the industry as a whole and in terms of size, there is a "small" phenomenon, most companies have only one production line. Due to the small scale of enterprise, insufficient, difficult and international standards, it is difficult to form a series woven products to achieve technological innovation. In recent years, many entrepreneurs see it, formed the plastic group, have emerged in some parts of the "plastic city" mode, such as loose collaboration. After years of "excellent saved worst tide", so some have certain advantages, well-managed and capable enterprises to take hold of innovation, development, they also put many small businesses out of business.

Comprised plastic bag production in China began in the late 80 's, 20 years later than in developed countries, are currently in a period of rapid development. But the low-tech, facing the requirements of foreign orders due to a lack of technology and equipment, and often inaccessible. Seen from the scale, scale of our FIBC enterprises, enterprises with independent product development capabilities are rarely, only producing low quality products with low added value, rough and simple. For the production of high-end bags, such as food, chemicals, fish bag with waterproof, breathable, mildew, Sun protection, security, fire, environmental compliance, and many other functions of FIBC bags and pallets, and there are no advanced equipment and testing equipment.

China plastic series mechanical manufacturing after more than 10 years of development, from General level view, level high of products basically is in digest absorption abroad similar products technology based Shang development up of, basic ended has imports equipment of history, and China plastic series mechanical products has out of abroad, in Middle East, and Southeast Asia, and Russia even United States, national of market Shang, to performance price than of advantage, occupy must market share. But we should also see clearly, plastic machinery technology in China compared with foreign products, there are still gaps, there are quite a few plastic machinery low-grade, high level of automation, poor reliability problems, upgrade needs to be promoted.

Currently, China plastic series equipment should to following several aspects development: drawing machine and complex film machine, unit used microprocessor concentrated control, process parameter set and displayed digital, perfect of temperature control system,; within coated film technology; round woven machine: improve manufacturing precision, reduce shuttle round on flat silk of rolling pressure, reduced shuttle of drive power, improve speed, reduced decapitation rate and improve broken latitude finished latitude since stopped device of sensitivity; press to duplex more color development; accessories production specialization; set loaded bags Shang grade, dedicated equipment of developed is priority.