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Plastic Anti-theft Cap Technology Innovation Development

Since the start of the mid 90, Coca-Cola's production of PET bottle plastic anti-theft Cap replace aluminum CAP, thus pushing the plastic anti-theft CAP to the front of beverage packaging. Since then, the domestic strength of the packaging and beverage manufacturers are importing foreign equipment, started mass production and application of plastic anti-theft caps. Today, both frivolous and easily openable plastic bottle packaged beverage market, not only convenient for consumers, but also led to the rapid development of the beverage industry.

At present, the domestic beverage industry is highly competitive, many renowned companies are using the latest production technologies and equipment, making China's business covers mechanical and plastic cap production technical level with the world's advanced level. Sacmi (SACMI), Aakjaer (Alcoa), Husky (Husky), Demag (Demag), Kristin (Nestal), Engel (Engel) and other world famous cover machinery had entered China. Meanwhile, on the plastic bottle production injection moulding and compression moulding process, the struggle in the area pulled open the curtain. There is no doubt that technological innovation is the driving force of progress.

Plastic caps: leading the future development direction of compression molding process the cover cover is very simple, on the quantitative material in the mold and die, and upper and lower mould clamping, which completed the processing of the materials, then cool, release, complete cover. Molding system covered as injections, gap pushes the material into the mold until the space, then cool, release, complete cover.

Compression molding (ContinuousCompressionMolding, abbreviated CCM) is nearly 10 years of new breakthroughs in plastics manufacturing technology. It has a centuries-old tradition of molding process (InjectionMolding, abbreviated IM) sent a strong challenge. From the consumption of energy and materials consumption and environmental protection costs are concerned, in the beverage industry, press plastic cover was undoubtedly present and future business covered ways of development.

Pressure plastic cover at present occupies more than Coca Cola, Pepsi, unified, master 80% share of tea beverages and soft drinks, wahaha Huiyuan Juice PET being hit 100%. Press plastic cover process accounted for 70% of the world's share, accounted for more than 60% of China's share. Despite price cuts, and injection molding machine has a variety of discount promotions, compression molding process of development over the trend of unabated. Since 2001, Chinese customers purchased greatly exceeded the number of molding machines injection molding equipment.

Single hot filling lid: low cost because of bottle tolerances to the intended scope is hard to control crystallization almost 100% PET hot filling bottles to cover it with two pieces of ancillary. From the last century, many corporate research, trying to cover with single-chip instead.

Starting from 2002, petrochemical raw materials priced worldwide, which caps prices decrease. Therefore, further stimulates man seeking newer technologies in order to reduce costs. Compression molding process has covered the precise size and contraction coefficient of small advantages, SACMI has been actively cooperate with Chinese user studies and development hot-fill cover with single-chip, so as to speed up the process of single-chip cover practical.

Portfolio cover: fashion choices, people still remember the 1998 nongfu spring sports first appeared in Chinese scene. Less than three months, movement on the market cover the overwhelming.

Spatio-temporal change and integration of cultures, technological achievement is certainly necessary to fashion ways. Therefore, similar to sport new combined cap of the cover in step by step fashion beverage sector duly appeared in China, will make Chinese more colorful varieties of beverages covered so as to attract more eyeballs.