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Plastic Bung Products Industry More Overall Level Need To Be Improved

Barrel cover, plastic cover which is widely used as a material is always occupies a decisive position. Full plastic cover products in people's daily lives, and can even use the term rampant to describe.

However, because material problems like pollution, and a series of negative, is used to make plastic products market is facing a threat. Through research and technology development in the industry, a series of eco-green products are being developed. Plastics products is no longer beyond the degradation of toxic substances, plastics raw material goods no longer even just a single extracted oil. Development prospects of plastics products once again becomes clear.

However, this is only from a technical perspective to look at. For most plastic products, plastic products and raw materials in China's chemical industry chain enterprises, still faces many problems. For example, SMEs in many industry, behind in overall low levels of equipment, production technology, innovation is not strong, unbalanced regional development, market competition and low capability to withstand risks, and so on. In addition to the existence of the enterprise's problem, rising labor costs, raw material price hikes and other outstanding issues. Difficulty of production and management, small and medium enterprises development environment needs to be improved, these problems will seriously affect the plastic bung industry sustainable development in China.

For the plastics industry, and have the strength of the plastic bung products selective acquisitions of smaller, lagging behind development model of enterprises is necessary. The overall level of Chinese plastic bung products industry need to be promoted, and specific to each drum cover companies and really enhance the technology content of products, improving production technology is the point.