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Plastic Drum Cover Challenges Facing

Car manufacturers will use more plastic. This gives the products a big opportunity. However in order to take advantage of this opportunity, you first need to deal with a series of challenges. These challenges in the most difficult include: periodic shortages. A small number of global plastics manufacturer supplies all industry, productivity is not easy to expand, and when demand for plastics when shortage of supply may have poor recycling. Steel material superior in this regard, mainly because of the many different types and levels of plastic to recycle. In response to one last challenge--recycle-the products needed to develop a new method, based on biological sources and recyclable materials in order to reduce the environmental impact of plastics. Bio-plastics are produced using renewable raw materials, mainly two kinds of agricultural resources--corn starch based polymer, as well as corn, potatoes, sugar beets and oils. This will diversify the basic raw materials of Bio-plastics, reduce dependence on oil. Although 2009 Bio-plastics in the proportion of total plastic is lower than 1%, since 2007, its production has increased more than a year 40%. However, the markets remain very dispersed, few bioplastics manufacturer for the automotive industry as the main target group. Taking into account the current production and yields, and the relationship between agricultural raw material and oil prices, bioplastics and conventional plastics are far from competitive prices compared to, and up to supply the total demand for plastic 20%. New European regulations require that by 2015 the car needed the bulk of the material can be recycled, EU directive requires scrap vehicles and availability to 95%, and 85% of materials which can be recycled. Suggesting that some 60 vehicles% Of plastics to recycle. We expect that similar legislation will be introduced in the near future to other regions of the world. Question is though is more environmentally friendly than recyclable plastics cannot be recycled materials are cheaper, but its purity is low and performance is not good. Recycled products can enrich product mix, but can not completely replace the original resin.