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Seal Pliers Are In Hot Demand Air-conditioning Refrigerator Repair Special Pliers

Sealing tongs as air conditioning refrigerator repair tools, precise, durable and recommended for use.

A refrigerator sealing clamp, is by u type framework, and silk buckle sliding rod, and silk buckle sliding Rod turned put hand, and sliding block composition, its features is: u type framework of opening end of inside has raised of support Taiwan, has a can placed in support stage of late supporting block, has a connection in u type framework of opening end of outside side of auxiliary turned put hand. Refrigerator seal clamps for refrigerator pipe sealing tools, low cost, easy to make, easy to use, the advantage of good blocking effect of refrigerant leakage. Using the appliance the fridge seal clamp for pipe sealing operation the refrigerator, only needs one operator can complete clamp flat pipe and pipe plugging two tasks, but also greatly improves the quality and success of pipe sealing. The appliance the fridge seal clamp can be used as regular fitter tool to use.