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Steel Drum Regulated And Non Regulated Container Closure &Assembly Instructions

Steel Drum Regulated and Non Regulated Container Closure &Assembly Instructions

Openhead Drum Closure Procedure

1.       Check Cover Gastet and False Wire to verity not damaged. Check Cover Gasket is properly seated in cover and both the gasket and false wire are clean. If product is present ,Wipe Chean.

2.       If jam nut is used ,tighten jam nut against the unthreaded portion of the forged lugs.

3.       Check all bungs for proper torque.

4.       Prepare drum for shipping according to internal Procedures and applicable DOT Requirements.



1.       Inspect all bungs to ensure gaskets are in place

2.       Insert all bungs and hand thread in a clockwise direction until hand tight.

3.       Utilizing a CALIBRATED TORQUE WRENCH,confirm and/or torque tighten all bungs to required specification.

4.       Wipe clean any spillage or debris.

5.       If required,apply applicable cap seals.